Hundreds of books are available on watercolor painting and art techniques. In this section I review the books published up to 2008 that impressed me as remarkable ... good or bad. Many of the books present the same material in a very similar way; I try to identify what is unique to each. (The title of each book links to the ordering page for the book on Many of these books are now out of print, but the reviews are offered as examples of how art books should be evaluated.

buyer beware
A caution on the use of artist books and magazines: they are, after all, in a business.

learning the basics
Books that provide a complete course of watercolor study: brushes, paints, papers, color theory, basic brush technique, and painting projects of easy to intermediate difficulty.

pigments, paints & papers
It's important to choose your painting materials carefully. These books provide information on the many watercolor paints and papers, with background information on their manufacture.

color science & "color theory"
Color from all angles: the history of color in art, color vision, classic books on color (including Chevreul and Goethe, practical guides to color mixing, color design, and color in contemporary art.

advanced instruction
These books do not go very far into the basic painting materials or specific painting skills, but instead emphasize good design principles, the philosophy of art, and nurturing your own creativity.

how-to by subject
Tutorials in watercolor painting focused on specific genres (florals, portraits, landscapes), specific styles, or specific techniques (textures, masking).

Comprehensive reference works that provide a wider understanding of painting materials, methods, and related art topics.

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