w e s t o n / c h a r i s
l a s t n e x t
i had been thinking for a while that i wanted to start painting portraits and figures. this was before i discovered figure painting groups. and just as synchronicity works, a few days later i found a gold plastic bound book, Go-Sees by Jürgen Teller. it's a massive collection of model snaps, taken impromptu at his studio front door or on the steps or street outside — dozens and dozens of young women ... standing by cars, at the door, in sun and rain, waiting for fame, for drugs, for money, for a future, for adventure, a friend, a job, a direction in life. a complete world of human feeling and physical types. while my wife was away again in uzbekistan i began painting them, two or three a week, using whatever method seemed to work. a few months later i discovered the nudes of edward weston, the abstracts of paul strand, and painted those in near monochrome style. this nude of charis, for example, was done in synthetic black, pushed warm or cool by added quinacridone gold or dioxazine violet.
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