c o a s t   n e a r   m e n d o c i n o
l a s t n e x t
two days after thanksgiving my wife went for a hike to cool off a nasty row between us, and i drove my boxster out to this small cove to paint. groups of two or more people walked along the road looking at the view, a middle aged woman with gray hair sat in the doorway of a camper parked nearby. i use many different colors, manganese in the sky and earths for the earth, and painting outdoors got me centered again.

at home i painted it two more times, after looking at the field sketch propped up in my office for a few days. brighter colors and a more fanciful style, using a palette of six paints   cadmium lemon, cadmium scarlet, permanent rose, ultramarine blue, winsor blue GS, winsor green BS. the skies are disappointing, but i wasn't trying to do differently.

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