6.4 All propositions are of equal value.
Fall 1947, and Wittgenstein prepares the typescript of his last work, the Philosophical Investigations, before resigning his teaching position. Ludwig: "Cambridge grows more and more hateful to me. The stiffness, the artificiality, the self satisfaction of the people. The disintegrating and putrefying English civilization."

One by one, interlocutors fall by the way. Russell disparages him. G.E. Moore convalesces from a stroke, his wife shields him from Wittgenstein. Piero Sraffa ends their weekly discussions. Ludwig: "I'll talk about anything." Sraffa: "Yes, but in your way." Ten minutes into a philosophy lecture by guest speaker Karl Popper, LW begins ranting objections, waves an iron poker in the air.

Wittgenstein retreats to Ireland to work, stays in a Wicklow farmhouse, then in a dilapidated Coast Guard cottage on Killary harbor. Tommy Mulkerrins visits every day to deliver milk and peat, to burn pages of notes Wittgenstein writes then discards of ideas that come during walks in the Killary hills.

Ludwig fears going mad, suffers indigestion, anxiety and guilt. Tommy rows him into the harbor to watch sea birds. Ludwig learns to name them one by one. He tames land birds with crumbs at his kitchen window.

Wittgenstein departs August 1948, feeling old and tired, to travel to America, to return to England, to die. Back at Rosro cottage, feral cats eat the birds as they come to the window to be fed.