6.2 Mathematics is a logical method. The propositions of mathematics are equations and therefore pseudo-propositions.
Two who grapple with their separation and union. Francis Skinner, gentle, decent Francis, a former student of Wittgenstein and for many years his lover. Skinner molds his life to suit Ludwig's tastes: becomes a gardener and then mechanic, quits his studies, travels to visit LW in Norway. Francis gives Ludwig his heart, takes the blame for all their romantic disagreements.

He writes: "I'm thinking of you a lot. I also think often how lovely it was cleaning your room with you." And: "I thought of you a lot. I longed to have you with me. The night was very wonderful and the stars looked particularly beautiful. I longed to be able to feel everything in the way I would feel it if I was with you."

Francis dies of poliomyelitis in October 1941, as leaves yellow and fall.

The winter of 1941, almost the new year, almost the anniversary of Margeurite's nuptials, Wittgenstein writes: "Think a lot about Francis, but always only with remorse over my lovelessness; not with gratitude. His life and death seem only to accuse me, for I was in the last 2 years of his life very often loveless and, in my heart, unfaithful to him. If he had not been so boundlessly gentle and true, I would have become totally loveless towards him."