5.3 Every proposition is the result of truth operations on elementary propositions.
Gretl's house finally completed, revitalized by Brouwer's lecture, Wittgenstein resolves to return to England. The announcement causes mixed reactions among Ludwig's former colleagues. John Maynard Keynes: "Am I strong enough? Perhaps if I do not work between now and then, I shall be."

January 18, 1928, Ludwig returns to Cambridge. Keynes: "Well, God has arrived. I met him on the 5.15 train." He is elected an honorary member, an "Angel," of the elite Apostles, a society he had rejected during his undergraduate stay. His official status: advanced student reading for a Ph.D., Frank Ramsey his supervisor.

Ludwig swims uncertainly in the Apostolic Bloomsbury flow. He is brutally rude to Lydia Keynes; stalks out of a lunch when the banter turns to sex. Women unsettle him. Frances Partridge: "In mixed company his coversation was often trivial in the extreme, and larded with feeble jokes accompanied by a wintry smile."

Not all are pleased with the Wittgenstein cult. Undergraduate Julian Bell: "In every company he shouts us down, And stops our sentence stuttering with his own; Unceasing argues, harsh, irate and loud, Sure that he's right, and of his rightness proud."

He again keeps a diary. Ludwig: "I am wandering around with great restlessness, but around what point of equilibrium I do not know."