5.1 The truth-functions can be ordered in series.
Gretl's eldest son Thomas, a student at Cambridge, invites the Swiss student Marguerite Respinger to return with him to Vienna during the summer vacation of 1926. One day Ludwig hurts his foot at the construction site of Gretl's house; Marguerite is among the young people who visit his convalescence bed to hear him read Johann Peter Hebel.

Lively, artistic, attractive. Marguerite and Ludwig soon see each other daily. They eat together in cafe a Ludwig meal of eggs, bread, butter, milk. Shallow carefree Marguerite flirts with boys, sees westerns with Ludwig, wins his heart, draws him back into life. He sculpts a bust of her.

Summer 1931, Ludwig takes her to Skjolden to stay in his Norway hut and to prepare her for marriage. They read the Bible, spend contemplative time apart; he tells her he will have no children. Two weeks of this, she quits to be with her sister in Rome.

New Year's Eve 1933, Marguerite weds Talle Sjögren. Ludwig attends, takes her aside to say: "You are taking a boat, the sea will be rough, remain always attached to me so that you don't capsize."

Marguerite: "Until that moment I hadn't realized his deep attachment nor perhaps his great deception. For years I had been like soft putty in his hands which he had worked to shape into a better being."