4.5 The general form of the proposition is: Such and such is the case.
There is a trial, or an inquiry, of The Haidbauer Case. Quarrelsome Herr Piribauer leads the charge: "I told him he wasn't a teacher, he was an animal trainer! And that I was going to fetch the police right away!"

Before the lone policeman can be summoned Wittgenstein runs away in the night, then submits his resignation to the district school inspectors.

The pupil August Riegler: "If Haidbauer's punishment was ill treatment, then 80 percent of Wittgenstein's punishments were ill treatments."

It is his turn before the tribunal, the lowly villagers and petty functionaries gathered around him. And Wittgenstein lies about the episode, the punishment, what happens when Josef falls and is carried to the headmaster's room. He is acquitted of wrongdoing, but in shame of his violence and deceit he resigns his post teaching Austrian rural schoolchildren.

Wittgenstein returns to Vienna in May 1926 and inquires about becoming a monk. The Father Superior gently deters him. So he works for three months as a monastery gardener, sleeping nights in the gardener's tool shed. One night, in his family's palatial home nearby, Ludwig's mother Leopoldine dies in her sleep.