4.4 A proposition is the expression of agreement and disagreement with the truth-possibilities of the elementary propositions.
Wittgenstein grows to dislike Trattenbuch, calls the people there "much more good for nothing and irresponsible than elsewhere." He physically abuses students (particularly girls) who lack concentration, punishes them by yanking their hair or cuffing their ears.

He transfers to teach secondary school in Hassbach. "These people are not human at all but merely worms." He transfers again, to Puchberg. "These people are one quarter animal and three quarters human."

Frank Ramsey visits in September 1923. Ramsey: "He is very poor and seems to lead a dreary life having only one friend here, and being regarded by most of his colleagues as a little mad."

He transfers to Otterthal. "I suffer much from the human, or rather inhuman, beings with whom I live." When shy sickly Josef Haidbauer, age 11, cowers to answer the teacher, Wittgenstein strikes him several times on the head, until the boy falls unconscious.

Ludwig: "It is not going well here, and perhaps now my teaching career is coming to an end."