3.5 The applied propositional sign in the thought is the thought.
Wittgenstein finds it hard to adjust to peacetime conditions. He wears his officer's uniform though discharged from service. His family is alarmed by his social isolation and anxiety.

By inheritance he is one of the wealthiest men in Europe. But he compels the family accountant irreversibly to transfer his entire estate to brother Paul and sisters Helene and Hermine (Gretl is rich enough). The accountant: "So, you want to commit financial suicide?"

Thirty years old, LW enrolls in a teacher's college attended by teenagers. Teacher: "Are you related to the rich Wittgensteins of Vienna?" LW: "Yes." "Are you closely related?" LW: "Not very."

Isolation from his family increases. In November he moves into the home of the widow Mima Sjögren and her three sons. Six months later he leaves to take lodgings in Rasumofskygasse. Some say Mima Sjögren has declared her love for him.

The middle son, Arvid Sjögren, looks to LW for moral guidance through most of his life. Because of his influence, Arvid does not go to university but instead trains as a mechanic.