3.1 In the proposition the thought is expressed perceptibly through the senses.
May 1914: through Moore, Ludwig submits to Cambridge his writings on logic as an undergraduate philosophical thesis. The thesis lacks a preface, footnotes, bibliography, is rejected.

Three years after the knock on Russell's door, LW relinquishes philosophy piece by piece. He breaks with Russell: "I shall not write to you again and you will not see me again either." He insults Moore for the thesis rejection. Moore: "I really don't want to see him again."

Ludwig begins to build a hut on the shore of the Skjolden fjord, by a lake spilling as a waterfall into the sea. Before it is completed the tourists of summer arrive, and Ludwig retreats to his family in Vienna.

July 1914. He visits his father's grave. He offers to provide 100,000 crowns to Ludwig von Ficker, editor of Die Fackel and Der Brenner, to distribute to needy artists.

August 7, 1914 Austria declares war on Serbia, on Russia. Though medically exempt, Ludwig enlists in the Austrian infantry. Hermine: "It has to do with an intense desire to take something difficult upon himself and to do something other than purely intellectual work." Ludwig: "Now I have the chance to be a decent human being, for I'm standing eye to eye with death."