2.1 We make to ourselves pictures of facts.
Because musical David Pinsent is his friend, goes to concerts with him, talks philosophy in his tower college rooms overlooking Whewell Court, Ludwig invites Pinset on a voyage to Iceland, all expenses paid.

Cheerful Pinsent: "It would certainly be fun, and I could not afford it myself, and Vittgenstein seems very anxious for me to come."

Ludwig gives gentle David £145, takes him on a shopping spree, books them first class passage on the Sterling, hires a guide to take them on horseback into the wilds of Iceland, rails against the philistines they meet at each hotel where they stay, teaches Pinsent mathematical logic.

Commonsensical Pinsent: "He expresses the most naive surprise that all the philosophers he once worshipped in ignorance are after all stupid and dishonest and make disgusting mistakes!"

In the opposite direction of their voyage, in faraway Vienna, Ludwig's father is slowly dying of cancer, one surgery at a time.