1.2 The world divides into facts.
In 1908 jugend Ludwig sails to England to pursue aeronautical researches. He designs and builds weather measurement kites at the Kite Flying Upper Atmosphere Station at Glossop, near Manchester. He mostly works alone, though on Saturdays the station director brings students to visit.

Ludwig greatly enjoys his lodgings at the Grouse Inn, an isolated pub in the Derbyshire Moors. He boards upstairs in a room that looks out on a barren beach horizon where he often walks alone. He studies engineering, mathematics and increasingly, the philosophy of mathematics — the books of Gottlob Frege and Bertrand Russell.

By 1910 he attempts to design aircraft engines, jet engines, propellers. But more and more he feels frustrated as an engineer. John Bamber: "His nervous temperament made him the last person to tackle such research, for when things went wrong, which happened often, he would throw his arms about, stamp around and swear volubly in German."

Ludwig is lonely and aloof. He writes: "Because I am so cut off I naturally have an extraordinarily strong desire for a friend and when the students arrive on Saturdays I always think it will be one of them."