1. The world is everything that is the case.
Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein. Born in Vienna 26 April 1889, eighth and youngest child of one of the wealthiest families in Hapsburg Vienna. The name Wittgenstein was chosen by Ludwig's paternal great grandfather Moses Maier at the time Napoleon ordered all Jews in the Empire to take a surname.

Ludwig Wittgenstein, B.Phil., D.Phil. Dies near Cambridge England 29 April 1951 at the age of 62, of metastisized prostate cancer, in the home of his personal physician Dr Bevan. The next morning his translator Elizabeth Anscombe and his student Yorick Smythies arrange a Catholic burial at St Giles's Church, Cambridge. A large flat stone covers his corpse.

Wittgenstein was not a Catholic and he was not a Jew. He was the most remarkable philosopher of the twentieth century.