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On Nabokov
ZEMBLA The Nabokov Butterfly Net - "A site devoted to the life and works of author, translator, and lepidopterist Vladimir Nabokov. Created and maintained under the aegis of the University Libraries of The Pennsylvania State University."
Life & Times of Vladimir Nabokov - "Vladimir Nabokov (1899-1977) was one of the most imaginative and accomplished writers of the century. Born in Russia, he lived in the United States and Europe, studying butterflies and other fleeting, vivid facts of life."
On a book called Lolita
Review of Lolita by Charles Rolo - The original appreciation that appeared in The Atlantic Monthly of September, 1958.
coLOlations - "An electronic clipping file gathered from various sources that help shed light on Lolita."
On a movie called Lolita
Lolita (1962) - A review of the Kubrick version of the novel, starring James Mason, Sue Lyon, Shelly Winters and Peter Sellars. [Quite different from the book, though borrowing several ideas from Nabokov's discarded screenplay.]
Showtime: Adrian Lyne's Lolita - A photo-play in weekly installments with small images and quotes from the film. [Lyne has caught well the apple-green light of the Haze back yard, and Dominique Swain is a remarkable incarnation of the nymphet.]
Salon Review: Jeremy Irons reads Lolita - "The unabridged, 12-hour, eight-cassette audio version of Lolita is a one-instrument symphony, with Irons playing every part, every instrument, of Nabokov's devastating and haunting melody. It's a road trip to hell in a luxury sedan." [No kidding: this is an amazing solo performance!]
Images and Multimedia - A variety of stills, sound files and video files from the Kubrick and Lyne versions of the book.
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