These excerpts from my painting journal were written from the time I began painting watercolors in August, 1998 to my retirement in July, 2000. I plan to post a second section that covers my advanced studies from fall 2001 to summer 2004.

Journal entries include links to paintings made along the way. What a pleasure it is to remember my painting experiences when I look at them now!

I hope my story of learning to observe the artistic process, and resolving to stick with painting despite discouragements, encourages your own efforts. Maybe you'll be inspired to keep a journal of your own. Whatever your path, I hope you "keep on painting"!

why watercolor

getting started


the color snob

a master's voice

color of theory

why i love flowers

more and more papers

clumsy hands

palette wandering

a painting space

seeing watercolors

impossible couch

building a site

the old masters

watching myself paint

hoffman gallery

getting all wet

tucson terry

scene change

plein air

technical difficulties

vacation paintings

cadmium kitty

books & more books


imitating the masters

loving the subject

digging into method

looking forward, looking back

keeping flexible

packing up the site

the effect of art

teach myself to see


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