why watercolor

watercolors are not in the news.

watercolors do not fuel the economy, they do not star on broadway, do not clean up the environment, do not build stronger bodies. they don't make film at 11.

they're not talking to martians on the front page of tabloids or colorizing a classic black & white movie.

oprah doesn't read them, lilywhite christians don't preach them, day traders don't short them, reporters don't scoop them, chinese spies don't steal them, florida doesn't recount them.

they don't lower the price of gas, prevent the heartbreak of psoriasis, save time or stop crime.

they are a wilderness in the sterile media sewage of modern life, a vacancy in modern talk ... unnoticed by the organs of commentariat, technology, wealth.

they create simple color and texture and light, wonderful shimmering light.

a scrap of light, a paper mirror, they reflect ... what?

the mystery of my life, and me.

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