Your core personality is probably Enneagram Type 7, the ENTHUSIAST, also known as the DILETTANTE or the QUITTER.

You are highly responsive, excitable, and enthusastic about sensations and experiences. So sensitive, lively and spontaneous, in fact, that if you had an ounce of insight you'd realize you're living a life without purpose. Whenever you stumble into a partial awareness of your utter superficiality, you quickly find a drug, party, or sensual infatuation to help you forget about it.

Your SECRET JOYS include having an orgasm, skipping dinner for dessert, driving while drunk, flirting with strangers, having sex without a condom, telling your boss to go fuck himself, leaving clothes on the floor, and developing a deep connection with a dumb barking animal.

Some of your SECRET FEARS are that you will not have anyone to party with on weekends, that you'll be trapped at home on a rainy day with nothing to do, that you will have to work the same job for more than two months at a stretch, that your love interest will ask you for a commitment, or that you will run out of booze.

Under STRESS you begin to move toward Enneagram Type 1, the IDEALIST. You plunge into a twelve-step program, religious movement, or new age self-improvement fraud in a desperate search for order and structure in your life. You preach your conversion loud and often, until the novelty wears off and you wander into something new.

AT YOUR BEST you begin to move toward Enneagram Type 5, the THINKER. You turn your flighty and lightweight personality toward fatuous philosophizing and cosmic moralizing, discovering that you're much more in demand with your drinking buddies when you can offer them platitudes to ridicule. And best of all, because you seem to be sincerely grappling with life's mysteries, nobody cares that you never stick with anything long enough to find real answers.

What does this mean?

© 1998 Bruce MacEvoy