This page links to a variety of astronomical equipment manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and servicers, most within the USA. Country of origin other than the USA is noted to flag potential payment, exchange rate, import and shipping issues.

"Accessories" refers to an enormous range of specific parts, components, tools, materials, knicknacks, paraphenalia, oddments and, well ... accessories.

I have personal experience with very few of these providers, and this list is not complete: inclusion or exclusion is neither endorsement nor derogatory. Please notify me of vendor broken links, new web sites, inaccurate vendor descriptions, or suppliers to include. Thanks!

10 Micron AstrotechnologyItalian manufacturer of GEMs and tripods; available in the USA from Alpine Astronomical.
1800DestinyManufacturer of secondary elliptical flats, curved 3 or 4 vane secondary spiders and ATM supplies.
ADM AccessoriesManufacturer of dovetail systems in a variety of widths and lengths.
AdoramaRetailer of astronomical equipment, astrocameras and binoculars.
Advanced Telescope SystemsManufacturer of highly stable portable telescope tripods and permanent piers.
Agena AstroProductsRetailer of telescopes, binoculars and astronomical accessories; free shipping and many unique or hard to find items.
AG Optical (AGO)Manufacturer of 12.5" to 20" corrected Dall Kirkham and 10" to 16" Newtonian astrographs, and accessories.
Alluna OpticsGerman manufacturer of optics, Newtonian astrographs and Ritchey Chretien telescopes.
Alpine AstronomicalLimited selection retailer of 10 Micron mounts, Baader Planetarium, binoviewers, star diagonals, etc.
AnacortesRetailer of astronomical equipment, including Takahashi, PlaneWave, Paramount, Coronado, Meade, SBIG, Televue and Alluna.
Antares TelescopesCanadian importer and manufacturer of astronomical telescopes, eyepieces, diagonals, finder scopes and filters.
APM TelescopesGerman supplier of telescopes, including by Markus Ludes and Matthias Wirth.
Arkansas Sky ObservatorySplash page for Dr. Clay Sherrod's "Supercharge" repair and upgrade service for commercial SCTs.
Astro Haven EnterprisesManufacturers of 7' to 20' diameter fiberglass clamshell observatories.
Astro DomesAustralian manufacturer of 2.9m to 6.5m diameter fiberglass observatories.
AstromartClassified ads for used astronomical equipment, auctions and reviews.
Astronomics / Christopher's Ltd.Astronomical retailer of many telescope, mount, eyepiece and accessory name brands.
AstronomyThe other popular magazine on astronomy.
AstronomyBinoculars.comRetailer subdivision of Garrett Optical specializing in large aperture binoculars.
Astronomy ShoppeRetailer of new, used and vintage astronomical telescopes, binoculars, Dob kits, accessories and telescope repairs.
Astronomy Technology TodayMagazine of astronomical equipment reviews, DIY and ATM articles.
Astro Optik MartiniGerman manufacturer of wood or metal frame Dobsonian telescopes.
Astro Parts OutletReseller of used astronomical equipment and accessories that tests and guarantees all products sold.
Astro-PhysicsManufacturer of refracting telescopes and German equatorial mountings.
Astro Sky Co.Manufacturer of 10" to 24" Dobsonian telescopes, birch eyepiece cases, mirror cells and transport cases.
AstroSystemsManufacturer of Quantum Dobsonian telescopes and a variety of telescope optics and accessories.
Astro-Tech (AT)Astronomy Technologies, Inc., distributor of moderately priced telescopes, eyepieces and accessories.
AstrozapMaufacturer of dew shields and heaters, filters and masks, and an artificial star for collimation.
Atik CamerasAstronomical CCD cameras.
Baader PlanetariumManufacturer of telescopes, eyepieces and many accessories, distributed in the USA by several vendors.
Backyard ObservatoriesConstruction contractor specializing in roll off roof observatories and observatory automation.
B&H Photo, Video & Pro AudioCamera retailer offering several name brands of binoculars, telescopes, eyepieces and accessories.
BerlebachManufacturer of over 100 camera and telescope wood tripods.
BigBinoculars.comBinocular retailer specializing in handheld and mounted astronomy binoculars.
The Binocular SiteAll things binocular, with over two dozen commercial brands.
Blue Fireball TechnologiesManufacturer of astroimaging and eyepiece adapters and soft protective cases for computer handsets.
Bob's KnobsCollimation thumbscrews ... no more allen wrench in the dark!
Bonney Lakes Astro WorksManufacturers of the Milburn wedge and dovetail rail system.
BookFinder.comSearch engine aggregator of used book inventories; very helpful to find out of print and classic books.
BuyLighting.comConvenient source for red light bulbs, useful for observatory lighting.
Carbon Scope TubesCarbon fiber tubes, predrilled on request for several brand name optics; also sells phenolic tubes in limited diameters and lengths.
CatsEye CollimationAccessories for cheshire or laser collimation of Newtonian telescopes.
CelestronUSA manufacturer of microscopes, telescopes and binoculars, in partnership with optical manufacturer Synta Co. (China).
Clear Sky InstitutePublisher of XEphem astronomical ephemeris software, for "Unix like" systems such as Mac OS and Linux.
Cloudy NightsHosts a large selection of classified ads and informational astronomy forum.
Collimator.comHome of Howie Glatter laser collimation tools for reflecting and refracting telescopes.
Company 7Optical fabrication and testing and a retailer of telescopes, binoculars, filters and astronomical accessories, with a Laurel, MD astronomy showroom and telescope museum.
Core HeatManufacturer of battery heated gloves, apparel, cushions and wraps.
Costruzioni Astronomiche ToscanoItalian manufacturer of Newtonian, Ritchey-Chretien and Cassegrain telescopes, mirrors and flats.
Costruzioni Ottiche ZenItalian optical company fabricating mirrors and Dall Kirkham and Ritchey Chretien optical tube assemblies.
DC-3 DreamsCreators of ACP Observatory Control Software, ACP Planner and ACP Scheduler (for Windows).
D & G OpticalManufacturers of achromat objective lenses and medium focal ratio (ƒ/10 to ƒ/12) refractor telescopes.
Dark Skies ApparelManufacturers of hooded, deep pocket observing vests and astronomy T shirts.
Deep Space ProductsRetailer offering HyperTune servicing for German equatorial mounts, carbon tubes for C8 and C11 SCTs, mounts, cases, focusers.
DenkmeierManufacturer of Denkmeier binoviewers, eyepieces and filter switch systems.
DewBusterManufacturer of dew heater strips and controllers.
Diffraction LimitedPublisher of dome control, sky sensor, guiding, imaging and interferogram software.
DiscMounts Inc.Manufacturer of image stabilizing, automatically rebalancing altazimuth telescope mounts.
DGM OpticsFabricator of optics for Teeter Dobsonian telescopes and off axis Newtonian telescopes.
DobSTUFF.comManufacturer of Dobsonian telescope kits and accessories, and completed Dobs with OEM or customer supplied optics.
Dream Telescopes & AccessoriesFabricator of carbon fiber and sandwich core telescope tubes and supports.
Duchek Consulting ServicesSupplier of limiting magnitude and alignment star charts and optical cleaning kits.
Durango SkiesContractor or supplier of roll-off roof and dome observatories, telescope piers, retailer of PlaneWave telescopes and mounts.
Edmund OpticsManufacturer of the Edmund RKE eyepiece and optical components.
EarthwinBinoviewer.comManufacturer of binoviewers and accessories.
EyepieceCaps.comRetailer of yellow (dark visible) eyepiece caps and plugs.
EyepiecesEtc.comRetailer of selected name brand eyepieces, barlows and filters.
Explore ScientificManufacturer of small refractors and wide field eyepieces.
Farpoint Astronomical ResearchManufacturer of binocular mounts, collimation aids, dovetail systems, dew shields and miscellaneous accessories.
First Light OpticsBritish retailer of astronomical telescopes, mounts, eyepieces and astrocameras.
Finger Lakes InstrumentationManufacturer of cooled CCD astrocameras and accessories.
Garrett OpticalManufacturer of binoculars and binocular mounts, including the largest prism binoculars available.
Great Red Spot Astronomy ProductsRetailer of name brand telescopes, eyepieces, mounts and accessories; manufacturer of very large aperture (~40") Dobsonian telescopes.
Guan Sheng OpticalTaiwanese manufacturer of inexpensive small aperture telescopes and Plössl and Kellner eyepieces.
Hands On OpticsRetailer of name brand telescopes, eyeieces and accessories.
Hastings Irrigation Pipe Co.Supplier of aluminum irrigation pipe, preferred by many ATMs for telescope tubes.
High Point ScientificSupplier of brand name telescopes, eyepieces and accessories.
HoTechManufacturer of laser collimation tools and red light flashlights.
House of OpticsGerman retailer of telescopes, mounts, eyepieces, binoculars and accessories.
The Imaging SourceManufacturer of monochrome and color astronomical CMOS, CCD and GigE cameras.
Infinity ScopesManufacturer of the lightweight, airline portable Uti small reflecting telescopes.
Intes MicroRussian manufacturer of Maksutov-Cassegrain and Maksutov-Newtonian telescopes and accessories.
iSTAR OpticalCzech manufacturer of achromatic and apochromatic refractor telescopes, objective lenses and accessories.
JMI TelescopesManufacturer of telescopes, reverse binocular telescopes, focusers, wheelies and other accessories.
JP AstrocraftManufacturer of 16" to 25" Dobsonian telescopes.
Kendrick Astro InstrumentsManufacturer of Kendrick dew heaters, dew controllers and related accessories.
Kennedy OpticsFabricator of fast (down to ƒ/3) 560 mm to 810 mm Newtonian mirrors.
KnightwarePublishers of Deep-Sky Planner, SQM Reader Pro and SQM Reader observatory software.
Kokusai KohkiImporter of Pentax XW and XO, Nikon NAV SW and HW and "volcano top" orthoscopic eyepieces, finderscopes and accessories.
Land Sea and SkyUSA distributor of Takahashi optical equipment, providing service and technical support as Texas Nautical Repair.
LensPenSafe, effective tools for cleaning lenses and mirrors.
Lockwood Custom OpticsFabricator of 10" to ~42" Newtonian mirrors.
Long Perng Industrial Co.Taiwanese manufacturer of refracting telescopes, binoculars, finderscopes and focusers.
LosmandyManufacturer of the G8, G11 and Titan German equatorial mounts, dovetail systems and Gemini 2 GoTo servo system.
LumiconManufacturer of astronomical filters, eyepieces, adapters and astrophotography accessories.
Lunt Solar SystemsManufacturer of solar telescopes, solar filters and accessories.
LymaxAstronomy gadgets and supplies, from SCT coolers to the Herald-Bobroff celestial atlas (out of print).
MG ChemicalsThe link is to their rubber keypad repair kit, useful to repair telescope handsets.
MallincamCanadian manufacturer of video CCD observational systems, sold in the USA by Jack's Astro Accessories.
Mathis InstrumentsManufacturers of very robust German equatorial and equatorial fork telescope mounts.
MeadeManufacturer of brand name telescopes, solar telescopes, eyepieces and accessories.
Meca-PrécisOnly current manufacturer of the Lyot spath blade micrometer.
Meridian TelescopesRetialer of eyepieces, telescope accessories and ATM components.
Microprojects Astronomy SoftwareDeveloper of Equinox and Equinox pro, planetarium and observatory software (Mac OS).
MoonliteManufacturer of crayford focusers, truss connectors and accessories.
Night Vision DepotRetailer of night vision (infrared) monoculars and binoculars suitable for electronic assisted astronomy.
Night Vision HomeRetailer of night vision (infrared) monoculars and binoculars suitable for electronic assisted astronomy.
Nova Optical SystemsFabricator of astronomical mirrors, and optical coating and testing services.
Obsession TelescopesManufacturer of 12.5" to 25" Dobsonian telescopes at ƒ/5 and shorter focal ratios.
Oceanside Photo & Telescope (OPT)Online astronomy retailer with one of the largest selections of astronomical equipment.
Officina StellareItalian manufacturer of Ritchey-Chrétien, Riccardi-Honders, Maksutov-Cassegrain and apochromat refracting telescopes.
Optics PlanetRetailer of a wide variety of military, sports and other optical equipment; use the site search for a brand name or keyword astronomy to see their selection.
Optic Wave Laboratories (OWL)Manufacturer of Newtonian mirrors that also offers optical testing, refiguring and optical coating services.
Optical Guidance Systems (OGS)Manufacturer of 10" to 40" Ritchey-Chrétien telescopes and automated observatory systems.
Optical Mechanics Inc. (OMI)Custom manufacturer of optical components, Dobsonian telescopes and optical tube assemblies.
Optical SupportsCurt Walker's beautifully made Newtonian mirror cells and truss components.
Opticsmart.comRetailer of astronomical telescopes, eyepieces and accessories, including 8" to 12" Dobsonians.
Optique & VisionSupplier of "high precision" worm drives for Losmandy telescope mounts.
Oriel InstrumentsManufacturer of astronomical grade spectrographs and related imaging accessories.
OrionRetailer of telescopes, eyepieces, binoculars and astronomy accessories.
Orion Optics UKBritish retailer of astronomical equipment.
Ostahowski OpticsManufacture, testing and refiguring of Newtonian mirrors.
OWL Astronomy ProductsRetailer of telescopes, binoculars and astronomical accessories.
Pacific DesignManufacturer of cases and covers for commercial SCTs and refractors.
Parallax InstrumentsManufacturer of Cassegrain, Dall Kirkham and Newtonian telescopes and German equatorial mounts.
Parks OpticalVendor of a complete line of reflector ATM components (spiders, mirror cells, tubes, rings, flocking), refractors, Newtonian reflectors, binoculars, eyepieces & microscopes.
Pegasus OpticsFabricator of custom and large (12.5" to 24") Newtonian mirrors.
Peterson EngineeringManufacturer of various upgrades and accessories for Meade telescopes and large binoculars.
PicStopUK retailer of Celestron products.
Pier-TechManufacturer of low profile roll off roof observatories, mobile observatories and adjustable telescope piers.
PlaneWaveManufacturer of 12.5" to 28" corrected Dall Kirkham reflectors.
Point Grey ResearchManufacturer of Flea, Grasshopper and Chameleon miniature videocameras; Flea is also available at Edmund Optics.
Precise PartsManufacturer of custom electrical adapters and telescope accessories.
ProtoStarVendor of ATM components, including secondary mirrors and spiders, flocked phenolic tubes and flocking materials.
QSIManufacturer of cooled CCD cameras for astroimaging, photometry and spectroscopy.
Rainbow OpticsManufacturer of lens blazed diffraction Star Spectroscope for amateur astronomers.
RC Optical Systems (RCOS)Manufacturer of 10" to 34" carbon tube or carbon truss Ritchey-Chrétien telescopes, large capacity fork mounts; provider of optical system design services.
The Right StuffManufacturer of dessicants, dark light illuminators and vibration dampening tripod pads.
ROBOskyCanadian manufacturer of 2.25 and 3.65 meter (or custom size) automated fiberglass clamshell observatory shelters, observatory kits and weather stations.
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC)Publisher of the [i]RASC Observer's Handbook,[/i] an essential amateur resource.
Royce OpticsManufacturer of custom optical mirrors and lenses, and 8" to 16" Newtonian and Dall Kirkham OTAs.
RSpecInformational site on spectroscopy, and provider of the Star Analyser diffraction grating for CCD spectrographic imaging.
Russell Optics & MachineFabricator of traditional eyepiece designs in delrin bodies from overstock optical components.
SBIG Astronomical InstrumentsManufacturer of CCD cameras, spectrographs, adaptive optics and imaging accessories.
ScopeGuardManufacturer of heavy duty telescope transport cases.
Scope StuffRetailer of an eclectic collection of telescope and observing accessories and equipment adapters, much of it hard to find elsewhere.
Scopes'n'SkiesBritish retailer of binoculars, spotting scopes, tripods, astronomical telescopes, eyepieces and accessories.
SDM TelescopesAustralian manufacturer of custom built 15" to 32" Dobsonian telescopes.
Shoestring AstronomyHobbyist manufacturer of port interface, shutter control and focus motor control products for astrophotographers.
Siebert OpticsManufacturer of orthoscopic eyepieces, binoculars and binoviewers.
Skies UnlimitedRetailer of a variety of astronomical telescopes, eyepieces and accessories.
Sky CommanderManufacturer of Sky Commander digital setting circles.
Sky PublishingPublisher of Sky & Telescope and many astronomical books and atlases.
Sky ShedManufacturer of SkyShed POD compact polyethylene modular observatories.
Sky-WatcherDistributor of refracting and reflecting telescopes and telescope mounts manufactured by Synta.
Software BisqueManufacturer of the Paramount German equatorial mount and TheSkyX observatory software.
Spectral Instruments Inc.Scientific CCD imaging company offering a cryo cooled astrocamera.
Spectrum CoatingsOptical coatings for mirrors and lenses.
Springer PublishingInternational technical book publisher with a large astronomy title list.
Star GPSGPS system that plugs in to many telescope computer systems.
StarizonaRetailer of astronomical equipment and literature, but also a helpful source of astronomical information.
Starlight InstrumentsManufacturer of the Feather Touch Focuser, electronic focusers and accessories.
Starlight XpressBritish manufacturer of cooled CCD and video speed astrocameras.
Starmaster TelescopesManufacturer of 11" to 30" Dobsonian telescopes, using Lockwood or Zambuto optics.
StarStructure TelescopesManufacturer of all aluminum 16" to 33" Dobsonian telescopes.
StellarCATManufacturer of ServoCAT computer control system for drive systems by Argo Navis or Sky Commander used on Dobsonian telescopes.
Stellar Optical Co.Import retailer of Russian manufactured Mak Cass and Mak Newt telescopes and accessories.
StellarvueManufacturer of refracting telescopes, eyepieces, binoculars, finder scopes and accessories.
Surplus ShedReseller of government and other surplus optical and electronic items.
Suzhou Synta Optical TechnologyChinese manufacturer of Sky-Watcher telescopes and optical supplier to Celestron.
Swayze OpticalFabricator of 12.5" to 25" Newtonian mirrors.
Takahashi AmericaUSA distributor of refractors, Dall Kirkhams (Mewlon) and mounts manufactured by Takahashi (Japan).
Technical InnovationsManufacturer of Home-Dome and Pro-Dome observatory domes.
Telescope Engineering Co. (TEC)Manufacturer of apochromatic refractors and accessories.
Telescope HouseBritish retailer of astronomical telescopes, binoculars, eyepieces, mounts and accessories.
Telescope Performance ImprovementsManufacturer of accessories to improve the stability and rigidity of midsized altaz and equatorial mounts.
Telescope SolutionsManufacturer of Telrad dew heaters.
Teeter's TelescopesManufacturer of 10" to 22" Dobsonian telescopes.
Tele Vue OpticsManufacturer of eyepieces and refracting telescopes.
Thousand Oaks OpticalManufacturer of astronomical filters and dew heating systems.
TMB OpticalOptical company founded by Thomas Back; company is currently nonresponsive.
TScope UltralightsManufacturer of 14" aperture Dobsonian telescopes and seller of Dobsonian ATM components.
UnihedronManufacturer of handheld and connected (remote report) sky quality meters.
University OpticsImporter and retailer of inexpensive eyepieces and Newtonian mirror cells.
Van Slyke InstrumentsHome of the VSI bifilar micrometer and what must be the most sophisticated (and expensive) secondary spider available.
VernonScopeManufacturer of Brandon eyepieces.
Vixen OpticsManufacturer of telescopes, eyepieces and monoculars.
Walt's Observing ChairsManufacturer of red oak adjustable observing chairs.
Webster TelescopesManufacturer of 14" to 32" Dobsonian telescopes.
Wildcard InnovationsAustralian manufacturer of Argo Navis digital telescope computer and motor controller.
William OpticsTaiwanese manufacturer of refractors, eyepieces, mirror diagonals and accessories.
Willmann-BellPublisher of astronomical specialist books, reprints of classic books, and atlases.
Woodland Hills Camera & TelescopeOnline astronomy retailer with a very wide selection of brands and products.
Zambuto Optical CompanyFabricator of 8" to 25" Newtonian mirrors.
ZerochromatDialyte objective telescopes by Peter Wise combined with plane mirrors and a folded, off axis design to produce a compact apochromatic instrument.
ZWO CompanyManufacturer of USB monochrome and color video cameras for astronomical use.


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