Observatory Plans, Final Version

thanks to ... phil sullivan, larry mccune, eric swanson, ted judah, tomas hakanson


site satellite view

landscape rendering

site+building obstruction analysis

building (1 square = 1 sq. foot)

plan view

north elevation, roof closed

north elevation, roof open

east elevation, roof closed

east elevation, roof open

south elevation, roof closed

south elevation, roof open

west elevation, roof closed

west elevation, roof open


roof detail

instrument perspective, south

instrument perspective, west




lumber list

ROOF: corrugated aluminum on wood frame, steel casters, angle iron track.
WALLS, FLOOR, SUBFLOOR: pressure treated lumber, lumber, composite board, all weather wood paneling.
CAISSONS & PIERS: concrete in sonotube, steel reinforced.
TELESCOPE PIERS: custom square tube steel, with adjustable heads.
CLEARANCES: South, to horizon. North, West, to 25° altitude. East, South: to 20° altitude.